Should you update to WordPress 5.0?

Every Site nowadays use WordPress, as it makes quite easy to non-programmer also to create a Website and start a spreading their words, with the whole world.

Recently WordPress new update is launched WordPress 5.0. This is the Good thing that the Builder we use are getting better and better with time and we should thank Google for doing So.
But Is it good for your Site right now? What could it happen if you update it?
The Developer of WordPress is a well concern with all the detail and the code now comes with somewhat AI Tech in it, which definitely help all of us.
Now WordPress 5.0 has various new things like a new Editor
So every block here is editable. This is a Blocked Based Editor. Edit Each Box according to your Need and change the font, Style each block which is separated in the form of paragraphs, style it separately.
Does it affect your site in a bad way? Many questions are asked and is there in mind of new WordPress Developer, who started using it some days before.
For all of them who are new and also to the old WordPress user.
I suggest not to update to WordPress 5.0 RightNow. Ya don’t update it right now and Why I am saying this? I have explained it in the below paras
Yes, WordPress 5.0 affects your Site. If you update right now then it 100% effect.
There is no problem or if you think there is any flaw in the updated WordPress then let me clear you thought that is also not happening here.
Updating the WordPress changes the builder internally and this is not good for your site.
As WordPress allows us to use a different plugin, we have the freedom to install whatever we want.
And so many plugins are available online, which enhance the working and increase the functionality of our site, help us to do the incredible task.
Some of this plugin is made up by new guys and so don’t have much flexibility to work with little change made in the code.
Also, the well-known plugin that is much popular and has developed by high profile developer is not capable of handling the change in the builder configuration.
And when the WordPress 5.0 come You don’t have any idea which of you plugin is capable of handling this change, and which will go to crash right after you update.
And though it seems that Some Plugin works well with newly updated WordPress, they may malfunction at a particular position.
So Don’t Update WordPress 5.0 at this point wait for plugin update and then update it after 1 or 2 months.


Don’t Get excited Of the Update, thinking that update makes my site a faster and more efficient to attract the audience. It may help you in many ways as wp 5.0 comes with Editor.
This definitely helps, but right now it can cause your site damage.
Some of your plugins may get stopped. They Completely don’t work.
Best Time to Update to WordPress 5.0 is After a Month or 2. In this time the Plugin Developer also comes to know that which of their plugin is not working properly.
They are working on them right after the Wp update, come. So I suggest waiting for at least 1 month or 2.
And then first update all your plugin. And Then Happy Update WORDPRESS 5.0. And Enjoy New features.
Until then enjoy the current version and post a new article daily.

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