How to remove theme name of a your wordpress site?

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Hide Theme Name, looks like a custom-designed WP site

            Everyone is moving their leg toward the blogging and want to earn money. As the revolution made by Jio in the field of Mobile data. India reached at No 1 Position in Data Consumption. Everyone, her is started and In the Way to start their youtube Channel or to Create a Blog to earn Money.

               As all User know that they can make it work and can earn Money a can bring Butter to their table. Data Consum increase and the user also So there is no limit how much one can earn from online and How much time Span becomes rich. Everyone knows the power of the Internet.

               In this post, we will learn to remove the Theme name that theme provider added to in their PHP file. So their Theme name and the developer name appears at the bottom in the footer area of every Site where the theme is installed. This show that this theme is their property and owned by them. But many time we (the Blogger) feels this awkward and want to remove this. There simple way fo removing the theme developer name from your site footer. 

How to remove theme name of a your wordpress site How to remove theme name of a your wordpress site

Almost +50% Site in the word uses WordPress to Create there site and blog online. So it is essential if you are also one of them, that how to use wp in the basic and most advanced level possible. We engage in providing the all the knowledge about each and every needed to survive in today’s world related blogging, career, Education, Finance, Technology, New inventions, Discoveries, and many more thing. You must gain all this knowledge before you approach the mars.

And as the Heading say how to remove the theme name for your WordPress Site Below is best describe


Step By Step Guide:

1. Go to Your WordPress Admin Panel.

Hide wp Theme name


2. Search for an appearance in the left of a dashboard and Click on it

Hide wp Theme name


3. Click, Go to the editor the last option in the Appearance.

4. Select the Theme which you are working with.

5. Now Search for Footer.php in the right corner shown in the image below

Hide wp Theme name



6. Search for the exact word or theme name appears in your site bottom.

7. Check for the “<>” and “</>” Exact before and after the name of the Theme.     

  •  Click on the code once.
  •  Press Ctrl+f to find the name of the theme.

Hide wp Theme name

8. Select all text between this no matter what is it, Delete it.

Hide wp Theme name


9. Save the Change form scrolling down.

Congrats You Successfully remove the theme name from the site

Hide wp Theme name


• Now Add Copyright of your Brand at the bottom.

10. Now At the Same Place Paste this code adding your site name and year.

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