How to Get .com for free

Domian Free

Want a Domain For Free? Want to start blogging, looking for a domain? Get .com Free

If your answer for all the above question is yes then “You are at right Place” Just read the article carefully and follow all the step as written. You will definitely get your Domain for free.

Follow this Step

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#1. First You Need A Good VPN:

VPN (Virtual private network)
There are various VPN apps available. Paid as well as free and all this VPNs are capable of doing their work correctly.

Every one of this can change your Network location, and send the traffic to Website Server from another country. VPNs are capable of bouncing your location and send them to any site from another location you Select.

#2. Connect The VPN to the United States

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As I told you, you can bounce the site traffic through another country server, So you have to do that.
Just Open any of the VPN App or Software whatever you have, but I recommend you to use an app, as there are plenty of available and you can choose which work best and if you are going to use a Paid version you can use on desktop coz you can trust on that software.
Note: Check your Ip address and Location and ensure it is set to USA, after every 5-10 min.

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#3. Clear Cache Of Your Browser / Chrome

Clear Cache red stamp text on white

You need to clear all your stuff that belong to your original Location, Coz you changed the Location so to clear anything that traces your location, any file in the browser in the form of a cache can cause the problem in setting new Location.

#4. Open Godaddy United States Site

KONSKIE, POLAND - December 01, 2018: GoDaddy Inc. logo displayed on smartphone

Now Open Godaddy, remember you are trying to fool the site, So clearing the cache is must and I also recommend you to use a new account create a new with any existing email id you have.

#5. Choose Your Domain COM

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Choosing a Good domain name is also a miscellaneous job, you have to think the branding choose it correctly, know your niche about which your site will be. Choose similar to it, see your competitor
(I suggest to add some animal name in the domain like or anything)

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#6. Pay €0.99 Not Free But Cheapest

Yes, It is not Free complete, but for €0.99. The domain is a property and it is very valuable than many things. It has a Potential to add your name in world richest person list like Mark Zuckerberg, though you need an idea like Zuckerberg. But domain also matters.
So €0.99 is not more for Us Indian it is 69.44 Indian Rupee and if we add some charge to this amount then also it never sums to 1200 Rs, which we need to pay to buy a domain Right? So here up get it done as soon as possible.

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#7. That’s How You Get Your Domain

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And that all, if you follow all the step correctly and do what I say to you, will get the Domain for just €0.99 or in Indian rupee for 70bucks.
And this is like you are getting Free Domin, isn’t it? Rs is not more, As in India to buy a Domain you have to spend at least 1200 Rs on Godaddy itself.
So Follow this trick and Enjoy the domain and welcome to Blogger World.

Well done. Lettering.

“Write Well and Earn Well”

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