How can Alexa rank have all these data on global Web traffic? #quora #alexa #howto #quoraanswer

Let me remind you first Alexa is the product of Amazon and a brainchild of Jeff Bezos So there is no doubt that this tech makes people think and not bring money to the table.

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Know in Detail: How Alexa Rank your Site? What happen in actual Process Step by Step ?

  1. Any website Come on world wide web Need to get the attention of Alexa. Get Noticed by Alexa
  2. Process for this
    1. Just search for your Site OR Someone search for your Site on Alexa for saw site ranking.
    2. OR If your Website is popular in the first few days, Then Alexa Notice Your Site. All that AI Stuff.
  3. Now after Notice by Alexa it quite Simple to get rank. Using your site View.

Still Don’t get it? How it is done?

  1. Your Get Notice by Alexa.
  2. They Insert some Code on Your Site. (Not sure but Definitely they do insert) (Again Don’t know but AI Stuff).
  3. Then After this Happen.
  4. Every time someone views your site, Ping Back notification is sent to Alexa ranking.
  5. This data is store under your site File. (Which is created when you first time Noticed by Alexa)
  6. Do make sure Each Time Data is sent each time just see the bottom of your Browser on Desktop it say “waiting for Alexa .com”.
  7. This is how ping is sent to Alexa.

And all get done Easily After this, Just need some Programming and good data analysis. Sort all the data relate it with all the other site on the WORLD WIDE WEB.  

  1. SO With the help of DATA ANALYSIS AND MACHINE LEARNING. ALL data is analysis, As this site is own by Amazon.
  2. They have their own cloud system to handle such large set of data
  3. To apply Data analytics Algorithm.
  4. This really helps them a lot as the PC never handle such data and Never ever process this much files.

Making the Result Live to View by Visitor

Listing the Result/ Ranking on their site is easy for the Tech Gaint.

And I think that this is also Happen with that Crazy Machine learning and AI Tech.

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