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 How to Download Cookie Consent

If you are a blogger or want to start your blog, then you should know about the cookies consent as it is the important thing for every site after the GDPR New policy is into in effect from 25 may 2018.

So this is mandatory to have a cookies consent (pop-up) on your site which appeared at the bottom of your site or at the top or at any corner of your visiting page.

What is this?

Internet Cookie: This is a data file sent by the host from the server to your computer browser which saves it and whenever you visit the site again the browser use this file to open the site faster and to load your data or last visit page data and this is also used to keep you log in to that site.

On the login page, they asked for the remember me button checkout host is asking for save the data of your login. If you click it the server sends the login data file to your browser where it gets to save and used whenever you log in again.

Cookies Consent is a pop-up that appears when anyone visits your site displays the user that your site is using cookies to improve the user’s experience and to make the site load faster whenever the person visit the site again.

Why This Consent?

If you are a Blogger or want to become a blogger, then you need the Cookies to load site faster and to improve the user experience. And if you think you need to use cookies, then you definitely need this consent for your site. To notify the user that you use the cookies

Step-by-step guide to active consent for your site

#Step 1 Write a cookies policy for your site which explains the visitor

What cookies are?

How we use cookies?

How third-parties we may partner with may use cookies on the Service?

Your choices regarding cookies

Further information about cookies.

All this information should cover in your policy or you can try to downloads one online there are various sites available to do this thing for you, just in a few clicks






#Step 2 Go to

Here you see different template Select the one you want to use and then

Click Continue

#Step 3 Customise the message appears in the pop-up


Headline Text: this will appear in the pop-up and shown to the visitor

Accept Button: You can edit the button text and write something else at that point.

Read more Button: This will throw the user to the cookies policy page or your site which you will give to the site.

#Step 4 Enter the URL of the Cookies Policy we make for our site.

This will appear when someone clicks on “read more” button from the pop-up.

#Step 5 Click Continue and Copy the Code This is a JavaScript which you need to put in your WordPress editor.

#Step 6 Putting the code in your WordPress:

1. Open your admin panel.

2. Click on the Appearance menu and open the editor which at the bottom.

3. After that go to the header.php section shown in the image

4. Put the copied code in between the head open and close (More preferably put the code exact after the <head> Tag)


5. Now save the file by clicking on the update file button on the bottom the script.

# Step 7 Testing the code. (is it running or not?)

Go to your site and Congrats the code is running this will perfectly show what you are looking for.

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