Best Way to Grow Your Website Traffic by 45%

Convert Your Visitor Loyal Subscriber

There are many websites developed and launched Daily and in India, everyone wants to Earn money after the Internet Boom occurs due to the Jio Data revolution. Everyone wants to start a blog, A Youtube Channel or any other mean of making Money. And many have started their Journey and are on the way to becoming rich by the Internet money.

For those who just started the Blogging and new to it, need Help about increasing Traffic in a proper way, and want to earn money Then “YOU COME AT RIGHT PLACE”.

Our both site(Aaoolo & ShopingSpider) is engaged in delivering truthful content and real-world techniques that professional Blogger used to generate traffic.

Here is a Simple Way Of increasing Your Site traffic and to grow Faster and Earn Money


Like Youtube and other Platform that allows you to notify your fan that your new Videos is up and available to watch and enjoy. Or if you Post on Instagram, followers receive notification of that, allows them to shows their love towards you.

Like this there is a site that allows you to make people to Subscribe your Blog, whenever your new post arrives or anytime you want them to get noticed they get your message in their Browser, it doesn’t matter if it must be a Chrome or Firefox, Visitor received a compulsory notification.

This Help Site to retain their Visitor and increase the Traffic in the Most genuine Way Possible, Without getting Banned by Google for a dull self-click or any regarding issues.

•Free to use no Pricing.

•Easy to use.

•Analysis and refine is possible.

•Work on Chrome, Firefox, Android, Safari.

•Send As many notifications as you can.

•Schedule it by the time as Hour Days and Years too.

How to SetUp your Account Configure your Site

#Step1 Go to Subscribers Look for the Signup Button at the right corner of the browsing window.


login page

#Step2 Click on it and a new page appear to Fill all your Detail, Your name,  site name.
Don’t Worry if you have more than one site you can add them afterward.

#Step3 Afterall process you have done, Sign in with credential and go to the installation page. Or simply click on the message at the top of the site about verification.

#Step4 Now the site info open and below that Copy the code of the site given there.

#Step5 Open Wordpress admin page go to the New Plugin to install and activate “Subscribe.”

#Step6 Open Subscribe Plugin Setting and Paste the code there and save the changes.

#Step7 Come to the Subscriber. And verify the site.
All Set Now you are ready to Send Notification and re-engage your Viewers.

How to Send Notification

There are two possible ways of sending a notification.

Welcoming drip: This makes you automate all the task like all the notifications, are scheduled and send after the every subscribe, to welcome the subscriber and all other notifications are also in a line schedule on the particular time. Compare to the previous one. This keeps all task autopilot.

Create Notification: In this, you can create your own notification and decide when to send it. This help when you write a new blog post and want to share it with the audience immediately.

Note: Keep both activate, Welcome drip re-engage visitor and to make them visit your old and influential post and new Notification keep the visitor update with your recent post.

Sending Notification is absolutely simple and can be done in a couple of minutes. Follow the instructions and get Visitor engaged.

For Welcome(New Subscriber ):

#1 After login and verification process, Go to Welcome Drip.

Welome drip

#2 Here it asked for the Tittle, Message, and URL of the site or Welcome page. (if you have)
#3 This Notification hits user immediately after the Subscription.
#4 After that you can add the number of notifications below it. Accordingly from previous notification time is scheduled .
#5 After all done “Save Changes”. You can also preview the change.

For New Campaign:

#1 Go to Scheduled
#2 Fill the Tittle, Message, Logo, and URL like above. (here one can see a life change in the notification)
#3 Add UTM tracing if you want.
#4 Schedule for later.
#5 “Preview” it Or  Click Send Notification to send immediately.