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Open the Door and explore the world of knowledge and take what you want from it, from Tech, Educational, Innovation, Career, NTN (Need to Know) Book to common things Aunish is ready to provide you all the kinds of stuff you tired of surfing over the internet and not find yet exactly.

We serve exact information and Knowledge that is needed by any individual without giving the other information which increases the content words and removes the interest of the reader from the content and make them feels bored.


Our aim is simple and very short

To make everyone aware of technology and every essential small thing which one need to know before Elon Musk landed us on Mars”.


              From the time when Human come into existence he/she taught to live in Groups, we are a social animal we can’t develop ourself as our own, We required a Team a social power to do any task for anything to do from childhood to adulthood to old age.

So we request you to share our content which you like and think to help someone from your family or friend to increase knowledge, learn something and develop themselves because it is your duty to educate people you know as all our development today is due to sharing and caring of each other.


Everyone can help us in a number of ways

# Share our Content 

# Comment on post whatever it may be it help us to serves you somewhat better next times

Suggest us what do you want from us, as we are entering in a field of blogging with many different Subject included, It is necessary for us to listen to the reader how interested in making Aunish a Better place for all who is thirsty for knowledge

Share your knowledge, we think that all our reader have something knowledgeable to share which inspired us as well as other reader and at the same time also increase our the standard of aunish which act as a main for everyone in coming months

Spread our Work, make everyone realized that there is a platform where one can get what they are searching for “KNOWLEDGE”

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